1% for Africa

We have a deep affection for the land of Africa, and we are determined to join the ranks of those committed to its development.

We are driven by our deep love for the land of Africa, committing ourselves wholeheartedly to its development. From advocating environmental protection to promoting education and economic growth, we stand firm in our belief in Africa's boundless potential. Every effort we make is a step towards a brighter future for Africa, as we tirelessly strive to realize the African dream.


Road construction

An efficient transportation network is integral to economic development. We are dedicated to supporting Africa's infrastructure by actively participating in road construction projects. Our aim is to establish a robust transportation system that not only connects communities but also enhances accessibility and convenience for all. By investing in road development, we strive to improve mobility, facilitate trade, and stimulate economic growth across the continent. Our commitment to building quality roads extends beyond mere construction; we are shaping a brighter future where every individual can benefit from safe and reliable transportation networks, enriching their lives and fostering sustainable development.

medical system

We are committed to optimizing the healthcare supply chain and ecosystem, striving to seamlessly integrate various components to enhance access to quality and affordable medical services for the people of Africa. By fostering partnerships and leveraging innovative solutions, we endeavor to ensure that every individual in Africa can receive timely and effective healthcare support. Our mission is not only to provide medical assistance but also to empower local communities and healthcare providers, fostering a sustainable and resilient healthcare system that caters to the diverse needs of the continent.


We will establish a department dedicated to recruiting young adults with dreams in Africa. Upon joining us, they will be assigned mentors to enhance their job skills, and they will receive salaries and bonuses. We aim to provide young people with a platform to showcase their talents, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth.

people's livelihood

We are committed to enhancing livelihood projects, particularly in the realm of food and nutrition. Our focus lies in streamlining and managing the supply chain to offer a broader and more diverse range of grains, meats, and vegetables to the populace. Through the optimization of the ecosystem, our goal is to ensure that the prices of these essentials become more accessible to all.



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1% for Africa


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