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We are striving to enhance children's professional skills and qualities.

We have observed that employment remains a significant challenge for many children after they receive higher education. We are actively addressing this issue.We will launch a free professional skills training program where experienced teachers will conduct classes. In this program, we will impart professional skills to the participants and evaluate their progress. Children who demonstrate dedication and pass the assessment will receive bonuses and salaries. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to bypass the interview process and directly join our company.


4 Tips to Find supporting education

  • Free skills training program
  • Education companionship
  • Starting salary upon enrollment
  • Scholarship

Free skills training program

We will establish free skills training courses open to the public. During the training period, all expenses incurred by students will be covered by us. Additionally, while students enhance their abilities, we will conduct assessments. Students who meet the standards will be directly employed by us.

Education companionship

Our entire company, including our training programs, adopts an education companion system. When students enter classes or new employees join the company, we assign a mentor to them. Throughout their learning or working journey, they can directly seek guidance from their mentor whenever they encounter any difficulties.

Starting salary upon enrollment

After a short period of enrollment, we will assess the students. Those who achieve passing grades in their subjects can receive a salary while continuing their education.


We have established a scholarship fund to award outstanding students in each subject. This fund encourages all students to strive for academic excellence and compete for the scholarship





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