We believe that a more convenient world is a better world. Our mission is to make your home more convenient while keeping our planet comfortable.

After delving into the realm of intelligent shopping in China at PGHash, our founder Austin emerged as an expert in smart shopping and integrated supply chains. Witnessing subtle shifts in people's demand for convenient shopping, they were surprised by the lack of innovation in this area and began envisioning a different future for the industry. 'Simple and elegant design, powerful yet convenient shopping experiences, minimizing waste and environmental impact along the way...' This is the only way forward!



We love our blue planet.

We work with a global network of colleagues, companies, and advocates to further our efforts to make our environmental work a force for good in people’s lives.

2030 Carbon-neutral

We committed to becoming first carbon-neutral home goods company by 2030 for our entire footprint — from our supply chain to the use of the products we make.

1% for the Planet

We’ve pledged 1% of profits to environmental organizations.


Less Water Waste

We rely on water. That’s why we are optimizing our current use of water.


Less Energy Waste

We find ways to consume energy more efficiently.


1% for the Planet

Exploring Renewables


CO2 Offsets

We’re taxing ourselves for the carbon we do emit, and investing in carbon offsets.


1% for the Planet

We take rigorous approach to ensure the safety of chemicals used in our products.


Less Carbon-intensive Shipping

We’ve pledged 1% of profits to environmental organizations.


We embrace the power of technology and algorithms.

Technology alone is not enough—it’s technology married with arts married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.

Advanced Search and Recommendation

Our platform utilizes advanced algorithms and AI to offer personalized shopping experiences, enhancing user satisfaction and loyalty.

Efficient Logistics and Supply Chain

Through strategic partnerships, we ensure fast global delivery and real-time shipment tracking, reducing costs and enhancing user convenience.

Secure Payments and Anti-Fraud Measures

Employing cutting-edge encryption and real-time monitoring, we ensure secure transactions and prevent fraudulent activities, providing users with peace of mind.


We care about the human race.

We want to make this world a little difference. We believe in a future where all human race have the chance to thrive.

Donated Returns

We aim to minimize return waste by donating customers’ unwanted products to local charity.

Ethical Factories

We keep in consistent contact with factory owners to ensure safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing practices.

Giveback 1% to Craftsmanship

We give back 1% of our all sale to smaller scale craftsmen and women who made those products possible.


We want our customers 100% happy.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We've created a platform for everyone to showcase their purchases and reviews, ensuring a better user experience for all.

Best-in-class Customers Services


7-Day Free Trial

We want you to love our products. If you don’t, we'll refund it. Returns or exchanges are on us, no questions asked within 7 days.


24-hour service

Our customer service is available 24/7. We're delighted to assist you with any inquiries or assistance you may need.


Free Shipping

We provide free delivery to mainland Africa, with shipping right to your doorstep, excluding specific designated products.





1% for Africa


1% for education

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